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Akepox 5000


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AKEPOX® 5000

  • low viscosity, 2-component filler, only slight tendency to discolor, easy to color, free of solvents, weather-resistant, food safe (certified by an external German testing institute).
  • For visible bonding joints indoors and outdoors, inlay and restoration work, filling cracks, embedding and reinforcing work. Good adhesion on humid stone.
  • Area of application:
Kitchen, Bathroom & sanitary, Table & window sill, Flooring & stairs, Garden & terrace, Gravestone & monument, Food area, Stone industryMaterialNatural stone, Granite, Marble and limestone, Concrete ashlar, Terrazzo, Glass- & carbonfibre, Glass, Wood, PVC and acrylExterior / InteriorInterior, ExteriorBonding applicationBonding, FillingWorking timeLongAdhesive technologyEpoxy resinUV stabilityWellBondingRigidHardening timeSlowPolishing abilityExcellentConsistencyLiquidColourTransparent, Can be coloured

AKEPOX® 5000


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