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Sorma 7-Step I-Dia Dry Polishing Pads

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Sorma I-Dia Dry Polishing Pads

The first products of I-dia range, dedicated to the world of stone. I-Dia Mx is a "flexible" disc used to sand wet or dry stone materials and engineered stones, replacing the traditional abrasive discs. Available in both a 4" diameter and 5" diameter.


  • significantly higher duration

  • very competitive price

  • better finish for same grit size

  • no surface burning during finishing stage

  • very nice polishing on flat surfaces

  • excellent polishing result on all materials

  • reduction of storage of abrasives

  • Grits: 60 - 3000

Tech Tip

Remember, it is born against the standard abrasive disc of silicon carbide, which is used normally on marble only, but it has a high performance as granite polishing pad and on engineered stone, too.

Couple of recommendations:

  • Use on marble at around 4000/4500 rpm on marble and granite.

  • On engineered stone, work at 1800/2000 rpm, possibly use a little sprayed water, or a wet sponge, only a little, on grit #800 and #1500,

  • IMPORTANT DO NOT USE #3000 on engineered stone