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Glossfire Flat Edge Copper Discs

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GlossFire-F (Formerly Toro F) Flat Edge Copper In-Line Polishing Wheels

GlossFire-F Straight Edge polishing disks by Superabrasive works with any automated straight edge shaping wet-polishing multi-head machine using the popular snail lock adapter.

They work best with a maximum feed speed of 65 cm/minute, with a pressure of 4-5 bars.

GlossFire-F is perfect for:

  • Marmoelettromeccanica,
  • USG Machinery,
  • Park Industries,
  • Comandulli,
  • Sasso,
  • Breton,
  • CMPI,
  • Montresor,
  • Omega
  • and other machines.

The flat edge polishing disks optimize the productivity cycle by achieving read-to-install countertops with a single pass.

They come in 5” and 6” resin or copper bond.

GlossFire-F (Formerly Toro F) is the leader in polishing discs. Superabrasive led the world development of resin bond diamond polishing pads.

Use for granite and marble. Yields better finish and faster results, eliminates work piece end scratches.