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  • FillaChip single color kit is an excellent chip repair kit made for a one-time use. In this kit you get one 3cc syringe of the FillaChip which is pre-colored and two tips – all that you need for filling your chip that color. If you have a complete FillaChip kit you can use this with it – fill the chip with the pre-colored glue, use the clear plastic sheet to press it flat, put the UV light on it and allow it to cure. Once cured you use a razor blade to scrape it flush with the stone and then finally you use the polish to bring out the luster on the glue so it matches the stone surrounding it. You can even store these syringes and tips in your FillaChip case.

If you do not have a FillaChip kit you can still use this, here is how:

Fill the chip and use a flat piece of plastic to make the glue flat (a plastic playing card, a piece of film, even the back of an old photo). Once flattened out, if you have a UV light shine it on the repair for 20 – 30 seconds to cure the glue. If you do not, allow natural UV light to harden the glue (time may vary). Once the glue is hard, scrape it flush with the stone using a single edge razor blade. After that, apply some polish and buff it with a soft cloth until the repair is shiny and matches the stone.