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Ghines Idrodos Dust Suction Wall


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IDRODOS is our suction wall with water depuration system for the stone/masonry dust extraction

How does it work?

  1. The extremely strong suction effect of the stone dust collector IDRODOS leads the dust inside the machine,
  2. where it is captured by very fine nebulized water drops, which, after being forced along a labyrinth, adhere to lamellar metallic drop separators.
  3. These muddy water particles then become heavier and fall into the internal tank, from where they are drained off by a continuous water overflow.

Available in 2 versions:
IDRODOS: 3 m suction front
IDRODOS XL: 4 m suction front


  • immediately operational, just “plug and play”; no masonry works required;
  • it can be equipped with 1 or 2 suction arms, that cover an area of a 3 m radius each, incrementing the efficiency by adding local suction points;
  • the drop separators keep the humidity inside;
  • equipped with a powerful 7,5 kW motor (10 HP), it grant a REAL suction volume of 9400 Nm3/h
  • the suction front can be separated from the fan unit, which can be placed outside to gain more space inside your stone workshop 



IDRODOS SYSTEM – Personalized workshop solutions for dust control during stone cutting and processing
IDRODOS SYSTEM – Personalized workshop solutions to capture dust

IDRODOS SYSTEM is an intelligent alternative to the traditional centralized plants to capture effectively the dust of quartz, sandstone, granite and other stone materials.

A preliminary analysis is required to work out a proposal of the number and positions of the single units, like to do for a centralized plant, but this implementation entails:

  • Significant reductions of installation costs because there is no need neither for connecting piping nor for modifications of the work shop itself.
  • More space available within the workshop as the motor fan unit is separately installed outside, hence an ideal solution for any space requirement.
  • Consistent savings in energy costs as the single work station is autonomous and used only when needed instead of being interconnected and active all the time. And the suction power is always available at 100%, whereas a centralized system loses suction power and is much less efficient.

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