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Sinkits Undermount Sink Strap

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Sinkits Undermount Sink Strap

With a supporting capacity of 400 lbs per strap, when using the hanger brackets, the Sinkits Sink Strap can be quickly installed by attaching the hanger brackets over the top of the cabinet dividers, using the strength of the cabinets to support the sink. The average install time of the Sinkits Sink Strap is less than five minutes. Use one strap for most situations, but when extra support is needed, two straps can be used doubling the supporting capacity to 800 lbs. The Sinkits Sink Strap is packaged ready to use with all necessary sink mounting hardware included.

The Sinkits Sink Strap can also be used in conjunction with the Sinkits LC Bracket by using the included bridge pins. Since there is no need to drill into the countertop or rely on adhesives, this combination is the perfect system for repair work to mount or remount sinks after the countertop is already installed.

The two main uses are:

  1. Original Installation used as it is
  2. Re-attaching a sink that has fallen or come lose. In this case, you install 2 LC Brackets which have a hole to attach the sink strap. In most cases, you will need just 2 LC brackets and one strap, but could use up to 4 LC Brackets and 2 straps if desired (cast iron).


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