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Denver Krea Fit - 3 Axis CNC Router

Denver Krea Fit

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Denver Krea Fit - 3 Axis CNC Router

The Denver Krea fit is a CNC working center recommended as an addition to the saw for customers who want to complete the working process with reduced manpower and increased production.  In addition, The Denver Krea Fit constantly produces a high quality finished product, something that work done manually often does not.  In a small footprint the Denver Krea Fit can perform many jobs such as sink cut outs, edge profiling, edge polishing, chamfering, drainboards and routering.

Technical Specifications

  • Machine Footprint - 12'6" x 8'9" x 7'6"

  • Axis Stroke - X 86.6" / Y 47.2" / Z 11.8"

  • Motor Power - 15HP/KW11(S6) with adjustable disc rotation speed

  • Frame - monolithic normalized and ribbed steel frame

  • Aluminum Self-Leveling Work Table

  • Tool Wear Detection - CNC Automatically detects the wear of polishing tools and adjusts pressure on the workpiece in real time

Included Equipment

  • Automatic Tool Changer

  • Vacuum Pump Suction Cups

  • Complete Set of ISO40 Stainless Steel Cones

  • Air Condition Unit

  • CAD-CAM Software


  • Electrical - 208v 60hz - absorbtion 61a. other voltages available

  • Water - External 27 gal/min (44 PSI) Internal 1 gal/min clean (44 PSI)

  • Air - 53 gal/min (pressure 116PSI, 50 Gal Compressor tank minimum)

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