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We are excited to announce the release of our new Top Polish Kit for natural granite and quartzite.  This kit is the result of several years of collaboration with our friends around the industry and extensive testing by the NSI Team. This kit contains the exact products we currently use in our shop to achieve superior top polish results every time.  This kit will allow you to make repairs in all types of natural granite and quartzite counters and achieve a factory finish with the least amount of effort.  We've even made an unboxing video so you can get a detailed look at what's inside.

Simplfied Process

There is no single solution for every type of stone but this is the kit we use to top polish most true granite and natural quartzite.  With this kit we are promoting a simpler polishing process.  The new process is completely wet but can still be accomplished in a home.  This kit makes the old "wet-to-dry" technique obsolete for most granite.  Less down pressure is required to achieve the final shine and less damaging heat is generated.

Kit Includes:


 (1)     SL3-ADAPT    Snail Lock Adapter (5/8-11 or M14 thread)
 (4)     SL3-FR3         3″ Center Hub Hook & Loop Backers
 (1)     SL3-F150        3″ – 150 Grit Floating Turbo (Red)
 (1)     SL3-F300        3″ – 300 Grit Floating Turbo (Yellow)
 (1)     SL3-F500        3″ – 500 Grit Floating Turbo (Blue)
 (1)     SL3-F1000      3″ – 1000 Grit Floating Turbo (Dark Green)
 (3)     SL3-R4TP       True 4″ Rigid Hook & Loop Backer
 (1)     RD1000-4       4″ – 1000 Grit Redeemer Resin (Dark Green)
 (1)     RD2000-4       4″ – 2000 Grit Redeemer Resin (Orange)
 (1)     RD3000-4       4″ – 3000 Grit Redeemer Resin (Purple)
 (1)     SL3-R7           7″ Rigid Hook & Loop Backer
 (1)     SL3-R3           3″ Rigid Hook & Loop Backer
 (3)     NB7                7 3/4″ Natural Blend Tan Pad (includes 3 1/4″ center cut)
 (1)       *                    8.5 oz. MB020 Granite Polish
 (1 ea)  **                   Presto white out pen, China Markers (red & white)


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