SYSTAR BASIC 230V/50-60Hz single-phase View larger

SYSTAR BASIC 230V/50-60Hz single-phase

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SYSTAR BASIC 230V/50-60Hz single-phase

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- Work surface made of smooth stone calibrated by the machine itself

- Maximum length workable with profiling tools : 3000 x 1100 mm

- Maximum length for cutting disc (also 45°): 3000 mm

- Maximum length for edge polishing (also 45°): 3000 mm

- Maximum slab thickness for disc cutting: 40 mm for vertical cuts and 30 mm for 45° miter cuts

- Maximum slab thickness for profiling edge polishing: 60 mm (on vacuum cups)

- Maximum slab thickness for polishing flat edge: 80 mm (on table)


- Tubular steel frame coated with polyurethane paint

- Overall dimensions: 3500 x 2360 x 1650 mm (with open template holder)

- Overall dimensions: 3500 x 1700 x 1650 mm (template-holders down)

- Weight: 680 kg


Collapsible (built-in): 2000 x 600 mm


- Longitudinal movement: hardened, anti-corrosion treated, steel slide guides with recirculation balls block.

- Transversal movement: hardened, anti-corrosion treated, steel slide guides with recirculation balls block.


- Electrospindle: 2.2 kW (3HP) with internal lubrication.

- Spindle:

- Stainless steel

- Connection: ½” gas F

- Rotation speed: from 1500 to 12500 rpm, with digital display on the control panel

- Vertical movement operated by a hand crank

- Vertical stroke: 100 mm

- 3 spindle modes:

Vertical (for profiling and slot cutting)

45° inclination (for disc cutting and bevel polishing)

Horizontal (for disc cutting and edge polishing)

- Manual lifting and locking the operating head

- At the start of the spindle motor the internal water lubrication is activated automatically


- Slide guides are equipped with adjustable mechanical limit switches.


- Suction cups and vacuum group, optional (see pag. 11)

- Additional frontal suction cup to process cornices, optional (see pag. 11)

- Compressed air gun

* required: connection to a compressor (minimum 20 l/min, in case of the optional vacuum group

minimum 150 l/min., 6 bar pressure)


- Tool lubrication: internal and external by water hoses

- Distribution nozzle (water)

** Water supply connection (min. capacity 15 liters/min) is required


- Power: 2,2 kW

- Power unit: IP 65 drive according to CE standards (low tension controls on the control panel)

- Supply tension: 230 V–50/60 Hz single-phase.


- 1 connection for Ø 22,2 mm with internal lubrication - Tracer point Ø 37 e Ø 39

- Use and maintenance manual - Compressed air, water and grease guns

- Service wrenches - Screws and bolts

- Waterproof apron - Spare fuses

- Blade guard and flange Ø 60 mm


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