BVC Vacuum Cup - (50x400x200) View larger

BVC Vacuum Cup - (50x400x200)

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  • BVC is proud to announce the newest addition to the Stone/Glass line of vacuum cups. The new height of 200mm tall.

  • Stone/glass vacuum cup 50x400mm cup with a height of 200mm is perfect for those narrow sink rail cut outs.

  • No longer do you damage your $300 tool nor your $500 cup when they collide. Now your $800 mistake costs you zero, when using our BVC SS series cups. Just install the foam gasket in seconds, after running into the rubber lid.

  • Too much damage? Just replace the rubber lid in 30 seconds for only $99.00.

  • Drop the cups on the table? No problem. No damage to the cup or your expensive aluminum table.

  • Holding power as much as double to your existing cups.

  • No foam gasket needed to use, only if the cup has been damaged.

  • Zero leaks with an absolute perfect rubber seal.

  • Rubber tops and bottoms are identical and interchangeable.

  • Almost 1/2 the weight of other stone cups with patented modular design for strength.

  • Only $379 for the SS222, the most popular cup at 8"x8". Stop damaging your tools, table or cups. Change your game today and call