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Tenax Ceramic Razor Blades - Box of 10


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Ceramic Straight-edge Razor Blades will last longer and keep a sharper edge longer than ordinary straight edge razor blades!

Although initially, the cost is more, you can reuse the ceramic straight-edge razor blades over and over. We have tested these blades in a shop here in Charlotte. The Fabricator has used 1 blade for about 2 months now.

Also, they will fit into all no.9 straight-edge razor blade holders.

This item will prevent your seams from getting dark when scraping on white quartz-based engineered stone;

  • No metal marks
  • No oil bleeding into glue seams
  • No rusting
  • Easily clean with acetone
  • Reuse over and over
  • Stiff...will not snap
  • Immune to acids and caustic substances
  • straight-edge blade 


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