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Denver Unika 5HT - 5 Axis Bridge Saw / CNC Work Station


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Denver Unika 5HT - 5 Axis Bridge Saw / CNC Work Station

The Denver Unkia 5HT is a CNC work center combing a 5 axis bridge saw and a CNC router with 27 automatic tool changers.  The major advantages The Denver Unika 5HT offers is the possibility to perform a wide range of work, from producing kitchen tops and vanities to the most complex jobs with just one operator, while saving space. Thanks to the Denver Unkia 5 HT the fabricators can meet any processing need and perform such jobs as sink cut-outs, tapering, hollowing, 3D shaping with disk, lettering, sculpting, and even surface treatment such as polishing, brushing, honing and leathering. 

Technical Specs

  • Machine Footprint 22'25" x 17'3" x 12'5"

  • Machine Weight 20,000 lbs

  • Axis Stroke X 145" / Y 114" / Z 17"

  • Motorized Head Rotation - CAXIS 0-360 degrees

  • Head inclination - A Axis -10 - 90 degrees

  • Motor Power - 29.3 HP / kW 21.6 (S6) ISO40 with automatic tool changer 27 positions

  • Blade Size 14" min - 24" max


  • Edge Profiling and Polishing

  • Tapering

  • Multi-directional and curved cuts

  • Round and Oval cuts

  • Solid block processing

  • 3D shaping with disc

  • 3D processing

  • Texturing

  • Tilting cuts up to 90 degrees

  • Sink cut out with disc and drill bits


  • Safety front door

  • Precision control unit with 17" colored touch-screen mounted on articulating arm

  • X-Motion patented vacuum handling system for cut pieces

  • Fixed Slotted Worktable covered in aluminum

  • Laser point to ease location and storage of the origin position of the work piece and linear templates

  • Automatic Touch-Probe to detect saw blade diameter

  • Touch-Probe for slab thickness

  • UL Certified Electrical Cabinet

  • Advanced CD-CAM Software for automatic cut cycles on the 5 axes.  It also optimized the slab cutting upon number and type of final pieces.


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