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Denver Formula Lab - 5 Axis Bridgesaw (0-180 degrees)


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Denver Formula Lab- 5 Axis Bridge Saw 

The Denver Formula Lab is a state of the art bridge saw featuring 5 interpolated axis, with motorized and controlled head rotation (0-180 degrees) and motorized inclination (0-90 degrees) for mitering.  The Denver Formula Lab is recommended for customers who realize the benefits of going totally digital and who want a saw with the ability to cut in virtually any plane at any angle. Whether straight, diagonal, oval, or round cuts (including sink cutouts) the Denver Formula Lab has what you need for high speed production of kitchen tops and bath vanities, in particular if processing engineered stone, ceramic, ultra compact and composite materials.

Technical Specifications

  • Machine Footprint 19' 2" x 12' 2" x 8' 7" (13' w/ camera)
  • Axis Stroke X - 143" / Y - 74" / Z - 8.8"
  • Motorized Head Rotation - C AXIS - 0-180degrees  
  • Motorized Head Inclination - A AXIS - 0-90 degrees
  • Motor Power 15 HP / KW11 (S6) - with adjustable disc rotation speed up to 4,500 rpm and half gas connection for bit tools
  • Blade Size - 14" - 16" 

Included Equipment

  • Front Safety Doors (CE approved, made of noise dampening ABS material)
  • Precision Control Unit - 21" color touchscreen mounted on articulating arm
  • X Motion - Vacuum handling device
  • Hydraulically Driven Tilt Table - with Okume wood overlaid with rubber '
  • Laser Point - to ease the location and storage of the origin position of the work piece and linear templates 
  • Touch-Probe - for slab thickness
  • Automatic Touch-Probe - to detect blade diameter
  • On Board Software Logitouch - with parametric figures allows program all the cuts cycles from simple to more complex cut including incremental router bit core drill - disc cycle management and nesting process.  Machine is programmable from the touchscreen with use friendly interface. Includes DXF import ability and remote support.


  • Multi-directional and curved cuts
  • Sink cut-out with blade and drill bits
  • Tapering
  • Mitered cuts up from 0-90 degrees
  • Complex cuts and nesting
  • Round and oval cuts


  • Electrical - 208v 60hz - absorption 61A (other voltages available)
  • Water - 22 gal/min (pressure 40 PSI) 
  • AIR - 53 gal/min (pressure 90psi, compressor tank capacity minimum 50 gal)

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