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Woods Manual Rotator Tilter Series (MRT4)

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  • This medium-duty rotator/tilter adapts to a variety of uses, adding productivity and reliability to construction sites or manufacturing plants.

  • EXTENDED CONFIGURATION LINEAR CONFIGURATION BASIC CONFIGURATION WPG Bestseller! Versatility, reliability and cord-free battery power make this one of WPG's most popular lifters.

  • Intelli-Grip® Technology Looking for better productivity and increased safety? Count on reliable monitoring of power and vacuum systems with Intelli-Grip® — available exclusively from WPG!

  • Multiple Configurations Adjust the pad frame 7 different ways to get a grip on a wide variety of load sizes and shapes.

  • Dual Vacuum System Handle loads with the added safeguard of two independent air-line circuits.

  • BASIC CONFIGURATION Model MRT411LDC3 Maximum Load Capacity 700 lbs [320 kg]

  • Standard Pad Spread 28-1/4" x 32-3/4" [72 cm x 83 cm] (basic configuration) 48-1/4" x 67-1/2" [123 cm x 172 cm] (extended configuration) 78-1/4" x 15-3/4" [199 cm x 40 cm] (linear configuration) Number/Size of Pads 4 / 11" [28 cm] dia.

  • lipped Load Movement Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each 1/4 turn Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with automatic latching in upright position

  • Standard Operating Power 12 volts DC, 5.5 amps

  • Lifter Weight 125 lbs [57 kg]


  • Intelli-Grip® Technology Available exclusively from Powr-Grip®! Actively monitors power and vacuum systems to increase safety and productivity, using LCD-screen messages, diagnostic codes and other features

  • Dual Vacuum System Features two independent air-line circuits to reduce risk of workplace accidents High-Flow Vacuum Pump Enables a vacuum lifter to attach and release more rapidly, increasing productivity on the job Battery and Charger Provide independent, rechargeable power source for cord-free lifter operation in any location; on-board charger features status indicator and automatic shut-off Battery Gauge Shows energy level in real time, to help determine when charging is needed

  • Notification Buzzer and Strobe Light Alert operator of problems with power or vacuum system, with various patterns of sound and light to indicate severity; back-up battery provides independent power for buzzer Green Lift Light Provides visual assurance to know when vacuum is sufficient for lifting

  • Vacuum Gauges Feature green and red zones to clearly indicate whether vacuum levels are sufficient for lifting

  • Vacuum Line Filters Prevents contaminants from damaging the vacuum generating system

  • Vacuum Reserve Tanks Increase battery run-time by reducing pump cycles needed to maintain vacuum

  • Spring-Mounted Vacuum Pads Automatically adjust to match the angle of load surfaces, easing attachment

  • Movable Pad Mounts Allow vacuum pads to be moved without tools, adapting the lifter to various load sizes

  • Extension Arms Permit multiple lifter configurations for tool-free adaptation to many different load sizes

  • Two-Action, Blow-Off Release Uses two separate buttons to avoid accidental release, and reverses airflow to quickly release loads without after-stick


  • Remote Control System (59906) Controls attach, release and other powered functions up to 250' [76 m] away for installing windows and more in multi-story buildings

  • Forklift Adapter (95722) Works with telehandlers on construction sites and forklifts in warehouses or wherever a crane is not practical

  • AVAILABLE OPTIONS Adaptable Length Lift Bar (95723) Helps install windows under eaves or overhangs by reducing need for overhead clearance and extending horizontal reach

  • Long Extension Arms (95725) Provide necessary support and rigidity to handle large-dimension loads with less risk to the overhanging portion (sold per arm - 4 required)

  • Individual Pad Shutoffs (93011) Enable lifter to handle various load sizes and shapes by shutting off airflow from specific vacuum pads

  • Adjustable Spacers for Movable Pad Mounts (93101 & 93101AM) Allow lifter to handle windows with mullions or other loads with surface obstructions

  • Pad Frame T-Arm Assemblies (97466) Adapt lifter for convenient handling of insulated metal panels or other loads with textured surfaces (sold in pairs)

  • Alternative Vacuum Pads Adapt lifter to specialized uses, including: 9" [23 cm] diameter pad (VPFS9) for quick attachment to rigid, flat loads 10" [25 cm] diameter, lipped (Model HV11) for handling rough or semiporous, flat loads (Specifications not as listed above. Please contact us for more information)

  • Alternative Pad Compounds Specially designed for heat resistance, marking resistance, coated surfaces and other purposes

  • Shipping Case (53006) Provides protection for storing and shipping the lifter

  • DESIGN STANDARDS ASME B30.20 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0"): Industry standards established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) CE: Regulatory standards for health and safety required in the European Union AS 4991: Regulatory standard required in Australia