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Woods Channel Lifter Series (P1)

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Our most popular lifter! This versatile rotator/tilter has models for a variety of uses, adding productivity and reliability to construction sites and the manufacturing floor.

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Woods P1 Vacuum Lifter

  • Quick attach and release times, a full range of load motion and a long-lasting battery make this lifter indispensable for installing glass at the job site or handling glass in multiple shop locations.

  • WPG Bestseller! Versatility, simplicity and reliability help make this our most popular lifter.

  • Compact Design By combining a small footprint with outstanding capacity, this lightweight lifter can handle an extraordinary number of load sizes.

  • Intelli-Grip® Technology WPG’s exclusive technology increases productivity and improves safety. Download the Intelli-Grip® App to monitor the lifter from a distance!


  • Intelli-Grip® Technology Available exclusively from Powr-Grip®! Actively monitors power and vacuum systems to increase safety and productivity, using LCD-screen messages, diagnostic codes and other features

  • Dual Vacuum System Features two independent air-line circuits to reduce risk of workplace accidents

  • High-Flow Vacuum Pump Enables a vacuum lifter to attach and release more rapidly, increasing productivity on the job

  • Adjustable-Position Lift Spool Provides different lift points to optimize the lifter's hang angle, making repetitive material placement quicker and easier

  • Battery and Charger Provide independent, rechargeable power source for cord-free lifter operation in any location; on-board charger features status indicator and automatic shut-off

  • Battery Gauge Shows energy level in real time, to help determine when charging is needed

  • Notification Buzzer and Strobe Light Alert operator of problems with power or vacuum system, with various patterns of sound and light to indicate severity; back-up battery provides independent power for buzzer

  • Green Lift Light Provides visual assurance to know when vacuum is sufficient for lifting

  • Vacuum Gauges Feature green and red zones to clearly indicate whether vacuum levels are sufficient for lifting

  • Vacuum Line Filters Prevent contaminants from damaging the vacuum generating system

  • Vacuum Reserve Tanks Increase battery run-time by reducing pump cycles needed to maintain vacuum

  • Two-Action, Blow-Off Release Uses two separate buttons to avoid accidental release, and reverses airflow to quickly release loads without after-stick


  • Remote Control System (59906) Controls attach, release and other powered functions up to 250' [76 m] away for installing windows and more in multi-story buildings

  • Counterbalance Lifter (CB2DCS) Adjusts the hang angle of the lifter or load as needed for each job, while also providing the ability to reach under eaves, gables and other overhanging obstacles; radio controls enable remote use

  • Alternative Vacuum Pads Adapt lifter to specialized uses, including:   9" [23 cm] diameter pad (VPFS9) for quick attachment to rigid, flat loads    10" [25 cm] diameter, lipped pad (HV11) for handling semi-porous, flat loads    10" [25 cm] diameter concave pad (G0750) for handling curved loads    10" [25 cm] diameter pad with replaceable sealing ring (VPFS10T) for handling Insulated Metal Panels or other textured loads (Specifications not as previously listed. Please contact us for more information)

  • Alternative Pad Compounds Specially designed for heat resistance, marking resistance, coated surfaces and other purposes

  • Shipping Case (53005) Provides protection for storing and shipping the lifter

  • DESIGN STANDARDS ASME B30.20 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0"): Industry standards established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) CE: Regulatory standards for health and safety required in the European Union AS 4991: Regulatory standard required in Australia 

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