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Panel Handler by Filla Chip

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Panel Handler By Fillachip

The Panel handler is the only system which presses the frame itself against the flat surface. The Aluminum profile is pressed against a surface such as a porcelain tile, thus creating one solid unit. 

All other systems in the market currently connect to the slap via the suction cup material (rubber or foam of various types) while the aluminum frame does not touch the surface. These other systems allow the slabs to flex, bend and break. 

The panel handler, however, uses several GRABO tools to press the aluminum frame directly against the surface with direct contact between the metal and the surface.

The handler makes it possible for 2 people to move large slabs safely and effectively while reducing the chance of breakage.

The Panel Handler material handling system can only be used with GRABOs from Nemo Power Tools. (Sold Separately).

Partial slabs can be moved using the Panel Handler with 4 GRABOs
Full slabs can be moved using the Panel Handler with 6 GRABOs


  1. 4x 23” bridges

  2. 3x 46” bridges

  3. 3x 96” box rails

  4. 3x 84” box rails

  5. 2x 65” box rails

  6. 12x quick pins

*Note: GRABOs sold separately


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