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Ratchet Sink Bracket System

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Ultra Fast Sink Brackets

The Ultra Fast Sink Bracket! Not only does it cut installation time, but it’s easy to use with a hammer being the only tool you need. Simply hook the bracket to the cabinet wall, hammer it down and hammer in the stab locks, set the sink on the arms and then push it up. Job done! Works on a slide ratcheting system. With the Ultra Fast Sink Bracket your sink installation problems are eliminated, such as, working with tight spaces, complicated assemblies and lots of parts. Also, there is no need for measuring or drilling into the stone. So, save your time and frustration by giving the Ultra Fast Sink Bracket a try for your next sink installation.

Ratchet Sink Brackets

The Ratchet Bracket System is the newest and most versatile system out there today making undermount sink installation simple and quick. The Ratchet Bracket attaches easily to either the front or sides of the cabinet wall. PSA tape temporarily holds it in place and two screws secure it. Simply peel the backing off of the PSA tape, press the bracket against the cabinet wall, and screw the bracket into place. After effortlessly screwing the track to the cabinet walls, push up on the sink and the job is done! It makes sink installation so quick and simple!

There are two models to choose from—short arm and long arm. The short arm is for front sink support, tight situations, and composite sinks. The long arm is for standard or large cabinet bases.

A repair clip is also available to easily repair any fallen front sink.

Super Fast Sink Bracket 

Step 1: Simply hammer the bracket in place on the sides of cabinet.

Step 2: Adjust the bolts with a 1/4 inch hex head socket to raise or lower the support arm.

Step 3: Pack up and go home


  • Carbon spring steel clip bolts & hardware are grade 8 high strength steel

  • Fits 3/8" - 5/8" thick cabinet walls

  • Top and side hammer in stab locks

  • Use 1/4" hex head bolt

  • Self contained system, nothing can get lost

  • Install sink before or after stone is in place