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Microflex MF-300 Heavy Duty Latex Gloves

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  • MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves are made to protect hands in the most demanding environments. 

  • These tough, durable disposable latex gloves are uniquely designed to be extra thick at the fingers (7.9 mils) for added protection against rips, snags and tears where you need it most. 

  • Their textured fingers help wearers more securely grip tools and materials. 

  • Made of a soft, elastic latex material, MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves provide superior protection with incredible dexterity. 

  • These strong disposable latex gloves are double chlorinated, so they feel smooth against skin and are easier to put on. 

  • The comfort and durability of MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of workers in need of tough hand protection.  The robust design of these disposable latex gloves makes them perfect to protect the hands of automotive aftermarket workers, maintenance workers and industrial workers handling both light and heavy machinery and equipment. 

  • Their comfort and chemical resistance make MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves ideal for use by laboratory researchers and others in need of protection against chemical splashes.

  • MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves are medical examination grade, so can also be used to protect the hands of healthcare professionals.