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KGS Hybrid Diamond Flap Discs

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KGS Hybrid Diamond Flap Disc

  • KGS Hybrid® diamond flap discs are excellent for pre-shaping materials, thanks to their aggressiveness and long service life.

  • Material removal and speed of the KGS Hybrid® flap disc is equal to that of cup wheels, however, the vibrations of the machine during use are much less.

  • The KGS Hybrid® flap disc is available in four different grit sizes, grit 50, 60, 120 and 200. Grit 50 is officially approved for use on Dekton®.

  • System Advantages

  • Wet and dry use with a broad range of materials and colours

  • High stock removal rates

  • Fast cutting speed and high stock removal rate

  • Exceptional lifetime

  • Easy to use, more forgiving than heavier cup wheels

  • Smooth consistent finish, no chipping

  • Cost efficient with exceptional lifetime

  • Covers a broad range of materials and colours

  • 60 grit, Green colour coded, for extremely rough grinding

  • 120 grit, Black colour coded, for rough grinding

  • 200 grit, Red colour coded, for semi rough grinding